mentorleaf is a social media platform designed to match students with mentors with the intention of creating long-term relationships.


we are committed to building an environment where hope and dreams can be actualized


we are creating opportunities for those who are seeking them.


We recognize, shape, and nurture people’s imaginations.

Who we are

Mentorleaf is an online platform created to connect an ambitious individual with professionals in mentoring relationships. We recognize that even the most passionate individuals often lack direction, leadership figures, and confidence. As a result, we have developed a mobile mentorship application that leverages individuals with experiences to nurture others with passions and desires to live up their potentials. Mentorleaf helps individuals to unlock the resources. Thus, their lives can be changed. Mentorleaf examines an individual’s interests and their goals to open doors to mentoring figures. In the process, the program helps mentees to develop a clear vision, professional focus, and depth of experience. For those who are Mentors, this is an excellent opportunity to share your life experiences with individuals who are committed to utilizing those experiences and wisdom in their own lives. Mentorleaf helps bridge the gap between these two groups by connecting them.

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Our Mentorship

We have three types of mentorship

Student career mentorship

This mentorship provides the opportunity for students who are enrolled in college or in the process of being enrolled in college to be mentored by individuals who have the same experience with the major or classes that they take in college. We provide these opportunities so college students have an understanding of what kind of the world are they going to face after graduating from college. We all know that college has become expensive and more than 50% of first- and second-year college students do not have a full awareness of their future vision. Thus, Mentorleaf creates an opportunity for students to utilize others experiences to make judgments that will help guide their lives.

Career change mentorship

The world is changing repidly. Millennials and Generation Z could change their career anywhere from 2 to 5 times. Mentorleaf provides an opportunity for individuals currently unsatisifed with their jobs to seek mentorship in other areas of interest. Mentorship will help them understand how to prepare for other careers. Even after deciding to move to another career, individuals would be able to seek guidance from people who are working in that industry.

Faith mentorship

Mentorleaf provides an opportunity for people who are struggling with faith to get guidance and help. Mentorleaf understands that faith is very personal for many people, so they do not always share their struggles with others. We are ashamed of how people are going to judge us, especially those who are close to us. Mentorleaf seeks to provide a safe environment where people can share their struggle without being judged or shamed. This reality is true especially for younger people who are going through much change in their lives. Mentorleaf creates opportunities for those individuals to be mentored in a way that can impact their faith.

What makes us different

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Our App

Mentorleaf is a free mentoring app that facilitates relationships between mentors and mentees. It is a hub that connects mentees with experts in diverse fields. By streamlining and formalizing the mentoring process, young adults can easily engage in their career and faith journeys with adults who can provide insight and guidance. We have three types of mentorships; Student career mentorship, Career change mentorship, and Faith mentorship. Please join our community by downloading the Mentorleaf mobile app.

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